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Survey of the Bible

The most important aspect of our Christian faith is the absolute assurance of the authority and integrity of the scriptures. This course will explore areas such as divisions of the bible, the history between the testaments, the life of Christ and more. Register Today!


Spiritual Maturity
and Personal Growth

Salvation is a gift of God that comes with so many benefits. To fully enjoy these benefits, we must mature in Christ. This course includes exploring areas like biblical spirituality that lead to biblical maturity, authority, obedience and self-control. Register Today!

Fall Registration Is Now Open!

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A Christ Centered, Bible Based Seminary, called to serve the body of Christ. 

Life is a journey of learning.

II Timothy 2:15

in Ministry, Biblical Studies, & Theology
and Other Training for Teachers, Church Leaders, and General Christian Education


Associate of Biblical Studies (AA BS)


  • Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies (BA BS)

  • Bachelor of Arts in Ministry (BA Min)

  • Bachelor of Arts in Theology (BA Th)


Requires at least 24 Credit Hours in Ministry or Theology and a 35 Page Thesis


  • Master's of Biblical Studies (MA BS)

  • Masters of Arts in Ministry (MA Min)

  • Master's of Arts in Theology (MA Th)

Requires at least 9 Credit Hours in Ministry or Theology and a 50 Page Thesis


  • Doctorate of Ministry (DMin.)

  • Doctorate of Theology (ThD)

This Could Be You Sooner Than You Think

We Also Offer A Certificate Program

For Those Not Seeking a Degree...

Designed as tools for training Sunday School Teacher, Church Leaders, Ministers and personal spiritual growth and development through a series of classes, and one-day conferences and seminar.


Ministry Certificates

Conference & Seminar Teaching

  • Bible Survey

  • Being Successful in Ministry

  • Ecclesiology: History of the Church

  • Eschatology: The End Time Events

  • Sovereignty of God

  • The Trinity

  • Attributes of God

  • Theology: The Doctrine of God

  • Doctrine of Sin: The Blood Covenant

Ministry Credentialing

Our Mission

To equip the body of Christ for the work of the ministry to advance the kingdom of God through sound, biblical, and theological education and training.


Our Purpose

Our purpose is to empower the body of Christ through theological education and training to do the work of the ministry; and to promote spiritual growth and personal maturity, empowering believers to live a more prosperous and victorious life in Christ.

Student Success Stories

A Sound Spiritual and Corporal Liberty is only obtainable through a Solid Theological Foundation. This principle, is the centerpiece of the Bethesda Theological Seminary studies that prepare us to be good stewards of Jehovah’s Biblical Instructions for mankind

Brother Ricardo J. Bermudez Sr., ThD

Bible Study is a lifelong journey and Bethesda Theological Seminary is the place to begin if you’re ready to grow greater in the Lord Jesus Christ. The instructional teaching is phenomenal!!

Addie Marie Burkins

I would recommend Bethesda Theological Seminary to anyone who wants to enhance and develop his or her ministry skills. The curriculum is sound doctrine. My journey began with a certificate program and since attending, I decided to further my knowledge of the word of God. I knew the moment I started; I was where God wanted me to be. Dr. John is the founder and a scholar in the word of God. He delivers the word in a practical and relevant way that is easy to comprehend. BTS has impacted my life as a student of the word and a father.

Anthony Nelson

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